Friday, 1 March 2013

The Jazz

Behind the clouds a feasting moon is full
Of blue notes that once made a guitar cry
For stars to fill a hungry sky.
A certain smile dances with a question on her face
The passion push and pull of stop and start
Breathe a tango whispering the secrets of her heart

A fork along the road that splits her open future wide
Now which way to turn she must decide
The two who know stand patient in the sharp and needle rain
With answers but no questions that will melt the frozen pain
But who will speak the truth or tell the lies
When stars are falling from the broken skies?

She knows these misty pirate islands well
But none can tell which road will lead to heaven or to sorrow
Except the twins who sway the day unspeaking of tomorrows
In the fragrant salsa breeze with starry fragments in the trees.

Her heart’s anticipation skips a beat in riddled syncopation
Buried treasure deep beneath
The dancer’s flashing feet kick sands of twinkling irony
As thirsty opportunity is swallowed by her greedy past

The moon is full
An empty sky can wait
For jazz above 
The stars will read her fate.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Compass Point

A compass point eternity between the silent clouds
so unlike me
so unlike me
they almost broke a moment
unlike me

A blanket spread to warm the sleepless night
so unlike you
so unlike you
the unreflected moondream
unlike you

And we could hold the sky its breath
and dive
beneath a flaming wave
of ice and ashen embers
in an open dream no one remembers
how and where we danced
so unembraced
so unlike them
so unlike them
beyond the time awake
and unlike them

Friday, 4 November 2011

Déguenillé (Ragged)

cold day
hard hands
soft heart

standing in a field of mist
leaning on a shovel to inscribe my brief existence on this eternal mud
I wipe the streaming silence from my eye
beneath a rosy fingered sky
then I carry on digging


one day I will be finished

no need to ask who the hole is for
or if it is sunrise or sunset


let there be ...
a diamond tree to part the singularity
a song to echo then resound
and sparkle through the night
as golden leaves
in silver swirl
balletic to the ground
landing in a cipher
seeding now

in threaded pearls
a cloudy string of curling words
on leaves scattered like a thousand autumns
from a tree with branches full of stars
breathing meaning into the void
... and it was good.